Hurricane Irma Aftermath Resources

September 18, 2017

Farmers and ranchers throughout Florida are working tirelessly to restore food and fiber production for our state and the nation after Hurricane Irma wreaked destruction on much of the state. The total economic loss for agriculture is expected to be in the billions.

We have collected an array of resources that may be helpful as farmers and ranchers throughout Florida begin restoring properties and businesses:


Hurricane Irma Relief Fund for Agriculture

Federal Agricultural Recovery Resources

Florida Department of Transportation Weight Restriction Waiver (through Sept. 19)

Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Hurricane Debris Burning Guidance Letter

Florida State Agricultural Response Team (SART) Emergency Relief Contact Information

Sales and Reporting of Dyed Diesel Fuel Penalty Relief Period (through Sept. 22)

United States Department of Agriculture Hurricane Irma Recovery Resources

United States Department of Agriculture Extends Disaster Loss Documentation for Farmers & Ranchers Affected by Hurricane Irma

United States Department of Agriculture Approves Disaster Supplemental Nutrition Assistance

Hurricane Food Packages for Families Impacted by Hurricane Irma

FEMA Disaster Assistance

What we know:

  • Between 60-70 percent of fruit was blown from citrus trees in areas
  • Nurseries have less than 50 percent of their plants in marketable condition
  • As much as 70 percent of ornamental plant nurseries’ shade cover was destroyed in  areas
  • Hundreds of sugarcane plants are blown flat and waterlogged
  • Fall vegetables already in the ground are a total loss
  • Cattle pastures remain underwater.
  • Thirty percent of cotton plants have fallen
  • Avocado and guava fruit crops were left unmarketable-In Miami-Dade County, 40 percent of all commodities were lost
  • Shortages in fuel, water, feed, supplies and labor workforce

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