An Opportunity to Give Back


Save the ChimpsLocated in Fort Pierce, FL, Save the Chimps is a non-profit sanctuary providing life-long world-class care to nearly 240 chimpanzees that have been retired from research, entertainment, military and being pets in homes.

Save the Chimps provides loving care, clean housing, fresh food, daily enrichment and specialized medical treatment. Most importantly, it provides the chimpanzees with the social companionship and freedom they need to live happy and full lives. Our residents eat three healthy and nutritious meals per day – totaling over 2,500 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables daily!

As the world’s largest privately funded sanctuary for chimpanzees, Save the Chimps relies 100% on donations from generous groups and individuals. In-Kind donations of items the chimps need and love are welcomed and appreciated.

The facility welcomes generous spirit of Florida’s farmers and welcome future produce donations. At this time, delivery will need to be arranged by the donor. Save the Chimps cannot accept more than the equivalent of a pick-up truck full of perishable items at a time due to our limited storage at the Sanctuary.  Donation letters are provided to the donors for their tax records.

For more information, contact Carolyn at 954.224.9315, or Mika at 772.429.2225 or [email protected].

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