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    There are many opportunities for Florida families to help share the story of agriculture. Our members visit classrooms, collaborate with other community groups and donate to charitable projects. Whether you just want to know more about your food, meet the farmers who grow the food or become an advocate for agriculture, there are plenty of ways to let your voice be heard. To get involved in your community, contact your local county Farm Bureau today.

    Advisory Committees

    Florida Farm Bureau’s 16 advisory committees are engaged in policy development and guide our state board of directors on pertinent issues. Committee members are volunteer leaders actively involved in farming and the commodity they represent.

    Budget and Economy
    Environmental Horticulture
    Water/Natural Resources

    If you are interested in serving on an advisory committee, contact your local County Farm Bureau president.

    Advisory Committee Handbook

    Florida Farm Bureau’s advisory committees are engaged in policy development and guide our Board of Directors on pertinent issues. Committee members are nominated annually in December. Members are actively involved in farming and the commodity they represent. To join one of the following committees and let your voice be heard, contact your local County Farm Bureau.

    Click the links below for detailed State Advisory Committee guidelines or to nominate someone for a committee.


    Laurence P. Cutts, Washington

    Vice Chair
    Bobbie Bell, Polk

    David Adams, Hardee
    William Edwards, Alachua
    John Gentzel, Dade
    Leo Gosser, Broward
    Larry Gruwell, Saint Lucie
    Claude Herman, Jackson
    Ronald Merritt, Wakulla
    Reno Plenge, Bay
    Gary Ranker, Manatee
    Michael Thomas, Columbia

    Technical Advisors
    Dr. James D. Ellis, UF/IFAS
    David Westervelt, FDACS
    Malcom Sanford, Florida Beekeepers Association


    Marty Tanner, Hillsborough

    Vice Chair
    Mike Drawdy, Polk

    George Carpenter, Escambia
    Mark Godwin, Calhoun/Gulf
    Steve Weinsier

    Technical Advisors
    Tony Duffiney, USDA Wildlife Services
    Kal Knickerbocker, FDACS, Division of Aquaculture
    Leslie Sturmer, UF/IFAS
    Craig Watson, Tropical Lab
    David Boozer, Florida Aquaculture Association


    Charles Johnston, Sarasota

    Vice Chair
    Randy Barthle, Pasco

    Larry Rooks, Hernando/Citrus
    Charlie Crawford, Columbia
    George Fisher, Washington
    Keith Free, Okaloosa
    Kevin Fussell, Polk
    Mack Glass, Jackson
    Herb Harbin, Osceola
    Carey Howerton, Highlands
    Travis Larson, Okeechobee
    Alvin Griffis, Union
    Kenneth Parker, Hillsborough
    James Parks, Manatee
    Glen Ritch, Bradford
    Dan Ryals, Desoto/Charlotte
    Greg Shackelford, Hardee
    Van Whitehurst, Levy

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Jim Handley, Florida Cattlemen’s Association
    Dr. Diane Kitchen, FDACS, Division of Animal Industry
    Jesse Savell, UF/IFAS


    Mike Carter, Desoto/Charlotte

    Vice Chair
    William “Bill” Lennon, JR, Orange

    Ryan Atwood, Lake
    Bud Crisafulli, Brevard
    Hugh English, Hendry/Glades
    Anna Jameson, Sumter
    Michael Matteson, Polk
    James D. Brewer, Desoto/Charlotte
    Denis Carlton Sr. Hillsborough
    William Holmes, Seminole
    Bill Lennon, Jr., Orange
    Billy Murphy, Taylor
    Nicholas Russakis, Saint Lucie
    Rhett Smith, Hardee
    Hugh Taylor, Manatee

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Dr. Michael Rogers, Lake Alfred Experiment Station
    Ron Hamel, Gulf Citrus Growers Association
    LeAnna Himrod, Peace River Valley Citrus Growers Association
    Andrew Meadows, Florida Citrus Mutual


    Rod Land, Lafayette

    Vice Chair
    Jacob Larson, Okeechobee

    Danny Aprile, Hillsborough
    Jerry Dakin, Manatee
    Brad Austin, Alachua
    Ben Butler, Okeechobee
    George Fieser, Manatee
    Tommy Watkins, Hardee
    Jan Henderson, Gilchrist

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Dr. Albert deVries, UF/IFAS
    Dr. Diane Kitchen, FDACS
    Brian Chapman, Florida Dairy Farmers
    Zach Conlin, FDACS Division of Dairy Inspection Section
    Ray Hodge, Southeast Milk Inc.

    Environmental Horticulture

    Scott Kirouac, Highlands

    Vice Chair
    Corey Lambert, Hardee

    Gary Bradshaw, Manatee
    Ralph Garrison, Manatee
    George Hackney, Gadsden
    Harold Jones, Duval
    Paul Klinger, Jr., Sumter
    Debby Laramee, Pinellas
    Robert McMillan, Dade
    Nicholas Morris, Indian River
    Lee Nordman, Volusia
    Mike Pressley, Hendry Glades
    Carl Wallack, Broward
    William Womack, Hillsborough

    Technical Advisor(s)

    Ben Bolusky, FNGLA
    Tyson Emery, FDACS/Division of Plant Industry
    Dr. Kevin Kenworthy, UF/IFAS
    Betsy, McGrill, Turfgrass Producers of Florida
    Dr. Bryan Unruh, UF/IFAS
    Dr. Thomas Yeager, UF/IFAS


    Melanie Peterson, West Palm Beach

    Vice Chair
    Bryan Rice, Marion

    Erin Hickox, Nassau
    Sid Hutchcraft, Osceola
    Michelle McNally, Martin
    Bryan Rice, Marion
    Fred Segal, Broward

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Lonny Powell, Florida Thoroughbred Breeders and Owners Association
    Dr. Mike Short, FDACS
    Dr. Carissa Wickens, UF/Animal Science


    Bryan Olmert, Alachua

    Vice Chair
    Mark Crow, Columbia
    Mike Brown, Brevard
    Michael Dooner, Gadsden
    Thelton Goff, Clay
    William Bubba Greene, Madison
    Kenneth Jackson, Lafayette
    Adolf Kunz, Marion
    Joe Lavalle, Taylor
    Curtis Moore, Duval
    Lamar Munroe, Washington
    Ellis Smith, Leon
    Floyd Vanzart, Nassau
    Charles Waller, Bay

    Technical Advisor(s)

    Alan Shelby, Florida Forestry Association
    Jim Karels, FDACS Division of Forestry
    Dr. Timothy White, UF/School of Forest Resources & Conversation


    Steve Johnson, Hardee

    Vice Chair
    Lawson Taylor, Gadsden

    Virginia Barnes, Putnam/St.Johns
    Kenny Devane, Polk
    Daniel Peterson, Volusia
    Lewis Pope, III, West Palm Beach
    Gary Reeder, Manatee
    Justin Sorrells, Desoto/Charlotte
    Michelle Williamson, Hillsborough
    Ivonne Alexander, Dade
    Monty Knox, Orange
    Michael Tice, Columbia

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Mike Carlton, Florida Fruit & Vegetable Association
    Fritz Roka, Southwest Florida REC


    Jacob Larson, Okeechobee

    Vice Chair
    Jeb Smith, Putnam

    Michael Bandi, Okeechobee
    William “Bill” Benham
    Brad Etheridge, Levy
    Mack Glass, Jackson
    Ken Harrison, Desoto/Charlotte
    Anne Markle, Orange
    Kelly Mosley, Clay
    Bryan Olmert, Alachua
    Jay “Marty” Tanner, Hillsborough
    Roland Yee, Palm Beach
    Laurence P. Cutts, Washington
    Damon Deas, Hamilton
    Steve Johnson, Hardee
    Rick Roth, Western Palm Beach
    Richard Terry, Madison
    Larry White, Bay


    William Carte, Suwannee

    Vice Chair
    Jeffery Pittman, Jackson

    Philip Adkinson, Washington
    Jon Deas, Hamilton
    Joseph Diamond, Santa Rosa
    John Gray, Levy
    Jimmy Lefils, Marion
    Ernest Fulford, Jefferson
    James Jones, Gilchrist
    Hubert Lowry III, Santa Rosa
    J. Henry McCrone, Calhoun/Gulf
    Jerry McElhaney, Escambia
    Shannon Nixon, Okaloosa
    James Terry, Columbia
    Clyde Marvel Williams, Holmes
    Jerry Davis, Santa Rosa
    Ernest Fulford, Jefferson
    Jim Jones, Gilchrist

    Technical Advisor(s)
    James Montgomery Bain, National Cotton Board
    John Beuttenmuller, Florida Foundation Seed Producers, Inc.
    Ken Barton, FPPA
    Jim Davis, National Cotton Council
    Dave Ruppenicker, Southern Cotton Growers Association
    Dr. Barry Tillman, UF/IFAS


    Rick Roth, West Palm Beach

    Vice Chair
    Mark Sodders, Western Palm Beach

    Alan Hammock, Hendry/Glades
    Roger Hatton, West Palm Beach
    Jim Shine, Jr., W. Palm Beach
    Stewart Stein, West Palm Beach

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Rob Gilbert, UF/IFAS


    James D. Cunningham, Escambia

    Vice Chair
    Matt Harrison, Desoto/Charlotte

    Michael Bandi, Okeechobee
    Glenn Beck, Orange
    William “Bill” Shaw
    Billy LaValle, Taylor
    Emil Lyons, Baker
    W. Fred Petty, Pinellas
    Justin Smith, Hardee
    David Goolsby, Hamilton
    Shirley Revels, Sumter
    George Wheeler, Madison
    David Yates, Brevard

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Dr. Rod Clouser, UF/IFAS


    Jim Strickland  Manatee

    Vice Chair
    David Register, Volusia

    Hugh English, Hendry/Glades
    Kelvin Moreno, Dade
    Rick Roth, West Palm Beach
    Brantley Schirard, Saint Lucie
    Frank Sullivan, Brevard

    Technical Advisor(s)
    Matt Joyner, FDACS


    Hank Scott, Lake

    Vice Chair
    Scott Henerson, Hardee

    Scot Thomas, Marion
    Scott Wynn, Hamilton
    Hank Floyd, Jackson
    Shawn Garcia, Sumter
    Mathew Griffin, Lee
    Bryan Jones, Putnam/St. Johns
    Luke Langford, Holmes
    Greg Tison, Duval
    Trey Whitehurst, Highlands

    Technical Advisor(s)

    Eugene McAvoy, UF/IFAS
    Dr. John VanSickle, UF/IFAS
    Mike Aerts, FFVA
    Kiley Harper-Larsen, Ag Safety Lady, LLC

    Water/Natural Resources

    Ken Harrison, Desoto/Charlotte

    Vice Chair
    Reed Hartman, Martin

    Clay Archey, Seminole
    Timothy Eckert, Lee
    Kate English, Hendry/Glades
    Jason Land, Lafayette
    Reed Hartman, Martin
    David McDonald, Lake
    David Register, Volusia
    Richard Terry, Madison
    James Brooks, Hernando/Citrus
    Ann Christmas, Washington
    Thomas Ford, Nassau
    Trent Mathews, Santa Rosa
    Scott Ramsey, Osceola
    Jeb Smith, Putnam/St.Johns
    Keith Wedgeworth, Western Palm Beach
    Technical Advisor(s)
    Tom Friek, Florida Dept. of Enviromental Protection
    Rich Budell, FDACS/ Ag Water Policy
    Ed Craig, SRWMD

    The Women’s Leadership Committee is dedicated to educating the public with programs and events that promote a positive image of agriculture. These activities provide opportunities for leadership, communication, political involvement and networking.

    Telling the story of agriculture in a factual and engaging manner is an ongoing effort of the Florida Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee. The Women’s programs provide funding for scholarships, Ag in the Classroom and charitable projects around the state.

    Our Food Link

    Our Food promotes today’s agriculture year-round to consumers of all ages. A planning kit is available to help local communities implement various educational projects. To get started with a Food Link activity in your area, contact your local Farm Bureau.

    Ag in the Classroom

    The Ag in the Classroom was created to help school children and teachers learn about agriculture, where their food comes from and the important contributions Florida farmers make to their communities and state.

    The Women’s Leadership Committee is devoted to helping the future generation learn about agriculture. Through various Ag in the Classroom activities, such as Ag Literacy Day, Farm Bureau Woman help share important story of agriculture.

    Youth Speech Contest

    The Women’s Leadership Committee sponsors a Youth Speech Contest for high school students. The contest promotes a stronger interest and clearer understanding of agriculture among our youth.

    The contest begins at the county level. The winner of each county contest competes in district contests and the district winners will present at the Florida Farm Bureau state annual meeting in October. For more information, contact your local County Office.


    The Women’s Leadership Committee provides multiple $250 mini-grants to certified Florida educators who are engaged in classroom instruction at the pre-K to 12th grade levels. The mini-grant program supports agricultural education in the classroom. For more information on the mini-grants, contact your local County Office.

    Community Programs

    Farmers and ranchers and consumers can get involved in an array of programs with their local Farm Bureau. Volunteer in a classroom, help out at your county fair, stock food pantries with nutritious food or help serve up a delicious menu to those in need. Listed below are a variety of ways that you can get give back to your community with any of our Farm Bureau programs.  Contact your local Farm Bureau to find out how you can make a difference.

    Ag in the Classroom
    Every year, hundreds of volunteers participate in Ag Literacy Day. The annual reading event is an opportunity for farmers and ranchers, teachers and volunteers to read to elementary students in their community about agriculture. The event is sponsored by Florida Agriculture in the Classroom, Inc., and will be held in the Spring.

    Farm-City Week
    Each year just before Thanksgiving, Farm Bureau members celebrate the positive relationships between farm families and city residents with Farm-City Week
    . Farm Bureau volunteers donate food, money and time to local charitable agencies that provide aid for citizens in need.

    Click here to view various Farm City Week events across the state or download your Farm-City Week Toolkit to help you plan your celebration.

    Food Check-Out Week
    Food Check-Out Week takes place the third week in February each year and celebrates the abundance of fresh and nutritious food available to consumers at affordable prices. Americans spend less than 11 percent of their disposable income on food. To participate in this celebration, download
    a Communications Toolkit and contact your local Farm Bureau.

    Our Food Link
    Our Food Link promotes today’s agriculture year-round to consumers of all ages. A planning kit is available to help local communities implement various educational projects. To get started with a Food Link activity in your area, contact your local Farm Bureau office.

    Youth Speech Contest
    The Youth Speech Contest promotes a stronger interest and clearer understanding of agriculture among high school students. The contest is sponsored by the Farm Bureau Women’s Committee and includes a county, district and state competition.  For more information or to participate in the contest, contact your local County Office.

    Women’s Program
    Farm Bureau Women are dedicated to educating the public with programs and events that promote a positive image of agriculture. These activities provide opportunities for leadership, communication, political involvement, volunteerism and networking. Visit the Farm Bureau Women section to find out more of how you can get involved in sharing agriculture’s story.

    Young Farmers and Ranchers Program
    The Young Farmers and Ranchers Program prepares young agriculturists between the ages of 18-35 for leadership roles at the local, state and national level. The program provides many opportunities to advocate, network, volunteer and learn about agriculture. Visit the Young Farmers and Ranchers section to find out how you can get involved in your local community.

    This Farm CARES

    County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship (CARES)


    We promote agriculture’s role in protecting Florida’s natural resources.

    Our County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship program (CARES) recognizes the farmers and ranchers who have taken voluntary action in preserving the land for the next generation. Exemplary practices of farmers and ranchers statewide conserve water water quality, protect wildlife habitat and the state’s natural resources.



    Florida Farm Bureau welcomes partners to support year-round educational opportunities offered to our member –families, agribusiness and related industries across the state.

    Our programs and events are vital to supporting our shared mission of growing a healthy, viable farming and ranching community.

    Partnership opportunity inquiries may be directed to Jared Lanier.