Jefferson County Farm Bureau

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Annual Ecology Field Day

Jefferson1The Jefferson County Farm Bureau partners with its local extension office and conducts an Annual Ecology Field Day in the spring. This year, the kids learned about corn production while enjoying fresh popcorn made from a kettle pot. Farm Bureau members and volunteers teach about different types of corn grown in the area as well as numerous different products that contain corn. It is a fun day where children have the opportunity to learn hands-on how important agriculture really is.

2016 Jefferson County Annual Meeting

Jefferson County Farm Bureau Annual Meeting 2016

Ernest Fulford , Monticello
  • Treasurer: Buckingham Bird, Monticello
Board of Directors
  • Mark Demott, Monticello
  • Kim Jones, Monticello
  • Matthew Bishop, Monticello
  • John M. Finlayson, Greenville
  • Walter Edwards Jr., Lloyd
  • Ronald Walker, Wacissa
  • Stephen Monroe, Waukeenah
  • Jed Dillard, Monticello
  • Mac Finlayson, Greenville