Suwannee County Farm Bureau

Farm City-Week

Suwanee1Suwannee County Farm Bureau celebrates to the partnerships between rural and urban communities and the importance of how farmers and consumer rely on each other. The county hosts an annual essay contest to elementary students in the county. Students are given a topic relative to agriculture and how it impacts the community. The top two students from each class are selected to attend the dinner. School officials, teachers and parents are present for the presentation. Each student is presented a certificate and a proclamation is signed declaring it Farm City Week.

William Carte , Live Oak
  • Vice President: Archie Gaylard , O'Brien
  • Secretary: Ray Hodge, McAlpin
  • Treasurer: Shawn Hingson , Live Oak
Board of Directors
  • Walter K. Brown Jr., O'Brien
  • Doug Carter, McAlpin
  • Carolee Howe, Live Oak
  • Bill Gaylard, O'Brien
  • Cody Darling, McAlpin
  • Randall Dasher, McAlpin
  • Joey Williams, Live Oak
  • Buddy Coleman, McAlpin