Dade County Farm Bureau

Dade County Farm Bureau Annual BBQ

Dade County Farm Bureau Executives, President and local elected officials presenting George Suarez as the Hall of Honor recipient at this year’s BBQ.

Every Spring Dade County Farm Bureau hosts an annual BBQ and it is the largest farm to table BBQ in South Florida. This year we celebrated our 43rd Annual BBQ at The Di’Mare Annex in Florida City.  The event brings the entire community together to enjoy live entertainment, fresh food, and great fellowship. Volunteers and local farmers are recognized for their effortless contributions to the community. The event is truly a big farm family reunion.

Barney Rutzke, Jr., Homestead
  • Vice President: Heather Moehling , Homestead
  • Secretary: Steve Hoveland, Homestead
  • Treasurer: David Hanck, Homestead
Board of Directors
  • Kern Carpenter, Homestead
  • David Kaplan, Miami
  • Mark Wilson, Homestead
  • Peter Schnebly, Homestead
  • Sam Accursio, Homestead
  • Sammy Accursio, Jr., Ex-Officio, Homestead
  • Dale Machesic, Homestead
  • Margie Pikarsky, Homestead
  • Pedro Sifuentes, Homestead
  • Larry Dunagan, Goulds
  • Ivonne Alexander, Miami
  • Paul Wiggins, Homestead
  • Jeff Dermott, Homestead
  • Erik Tietig, Past President, Miami
  • Mick Gnaegy, Ex-Officio, Homestead
  • Phil Marraccini, Homestead
  • Brian Morris, Homestead
  • Mark Philcox, Homestead
  • David Torbert, Florida City
  • Salvatore Finocchiaro , Homestead
  • Kim Sue Hosang , Homestead
  • Robert Shekels, Jr. , Homestead
  • Tom Rieder, Miami