Duval County Farm Bureau

IMG_0829Food Check-Out Week

Food Check-Out Week is an event where volunteers get together to educate consumers on food production in Florida. The event takes place in February at a local Publix Supermarket. Volunteers include Farm Bureau staff members as well as county board members. The Duval County Farm Bureau makes generous food donations which all go to local food banks. A shopper is selected during the day and the Farm Bureau graciously pays for the shopper’s grocery bill in honor of Food Check-Out Week.

2019 Annual Meeting Newsletter

Scholarship Application

Greg Tison, Jacksonville
  • Vice President: Jennifer Leggett, Jacksonville
  • Secretary/Treasurer: Patrick Joyce, Jacksonville
Board of Directors
  • Robert A. Assaf, Jacksonville
  • Dalton Dowdy, Jacksonville
  • Emory Holsenbeck, Jacksonville
  • Curtis Moore, Jacksonville
  • Bonnie Bailey, Jacksonville
  • Douglas Webb, Jacksonville
  • Harold Jones, Jacksonville
  • Susan Stutsman, Jacksonville
  • K'leigh Combs, Jacksonville
  • Calvin Johnson, Jacksonville
  • Frank Wallmeyer, Jacksonville