Volusia County Farm Bureau

Strawberry Celebration Day

Volusia 1Volusia County Farm Bureau and area partners celebrate Food Check-Out Week with Strawberry Celebration Day each year at the Volusia County Fairgrounds in Deland. The event takes place in February and raises awareness on the importance of eating healthy foods on a stretched budget. It includes educational demonstrations at the farmer’s market and special appearances by “Jammer,” Florida’s strawberry mascot.

  • Vice President: Eugene Evans , DeLeon Springs
  • Secretary: Michael Braddock, DeLand
  • Treasurer: George Benedict , New Smyrna Beach
Board of Directors
  • Sharon Gamble, New Smyrna Beach
  • Lars Hangstrom, Pierson
  • Adam Braddock, Seville
  • J. Pasco Cade, Seville
  • Gerald W. Fieser, DeLeon Springs
  • Johnny H. Sixma, Lake Helen
  • Daniel Peterson, DeLand
  • David Register, Seville
  • Lisa Williams, DeLand
  • Robert Greenlund, Pierson
  • Jaime Davis, Pierson
  • Sam Daugharty, DeLeon Springs
  • Victoria Hunter, DeLand
  • Adam Braddock , Seville
  • Robert Greenlund , Pierson
  • John Hoblick , DeLeon Springs
  • Lee Nordman , Pierson
  • Sylvia Crump , DeLeon Springs
  • Dallas Hull, Pierson