National Car Rental

At National, we pride ourselves on always providing you with unsurpassed convenience and choice. As an experienced traveler, we know you want to get your way – fast. Go National. Go Like a Pro.

Benefits of Emerald Club:

  • Bypass the counter – Bypass the rental counter and go directly to the Emerald Club Aisle at more than 50 major airports in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Choose your own car – Don’t waste time looking for your assigned car – just choose any car from the Emerald Club Aisle and be on your way.
  • Choose your rewards – Choose Free Rental Days or your favorite frequent traveler program.
  • To enroll in Emerald Club, visit

Reserving your vehicle is easy! Use the Florida Farm Bureau Contract ID when booking online at or calling 1-800-227-7368

If you’re unsure of the Florida Farm Bureau Contract ID,  please contact your county Farm Bureau office or click here to log in and access your digital Member Benefit Guide.