Women’s Leadership Program District Chairman Duties

Women’s Committee Handbook

  • Be knowledgeable in all aspects of the total Farm Bureau program.
  • Attend all scheduled meetings of the State Women’s Leadership Committee.
  • Determine the annual women’s program of work based on local, state, and national issues and concerns.
  • Conduct annual district planning/training meetings.
  • Contact all county women’s leadership chairmen on a regular basis. It is her responsibility to keep county women informed on issues and events concerning the state program.
  • Keep informed of women’s activities in individual counties and serve as a resource for county committees. Pass information on to State Women’s Leadership Committee.
  • Help surface county leaders for the organization.
  • Attend training sessions for developing skills in committee leadership.
  • Represent the women’s leadership program at district and regional meetings called by Florida Farm Bureau Federation.
  • Support special projects of the Women’s Leadership Program.
  • Assist with planning and implementing the program for the State Women’s Leadership Conference.
  • Publicize State Women’s Leadership Conference and other statewide meetings in individual districts.
  • Plan and implement women’s activities at FFBF Annual Meeting.
  • Participate in American Farm Bureau meetings as needed.