EPA Issues PFAS Limits in Parts Per Trillion

July 2022 FloridAgriculture eNewsletter

EPA published ‘Lifetime Drinking Water Health Advisory for Four Perfluoroalkyl Substances’ in the Federal Register on June 21, 2022.  The new health advisory levels are in the parts per quadrillion range which is not currently achievable by commercial laboratories. 

Interim updated health advisory for PFOA = 0.004 ppt 

Interim updated health advisory for PFOS = 0.02 ppt 

Final health advisory for GenX chemicals = 10 ppt 

Final health advisory for PFBS = 2,000 ppt 

Though PFAS compounds are derived in industrial processes, they have been known to impact agriculture through groundwater close to where PFAS compounds were used and through the application of biosolids on forage crops (including pasture) for livestock.    

Given EPA’s new health advisory levels, farmers and ranchers utilizing municipal biosolids need to be aware of the potential presence of PFAS compounds and the risks associated with application.   

More information about PFAS compounds and the impact on agriculture can be found on a very thorough webpage provided by Dragun Corporation.  The webpage can be accessed by clicking here.