Florida FarmPAC FAQ

Thank you for your interest in joining our grassroots FarmPAC team.  Florida farmers and ranchers work hard everyday on their farms, growing the food and fiber to sustain and feed a growing population. Your voluntary contribution helps support political candidates of any party affiliation who are committed to working toward the best interests of Florida agriculture.

Why Should I Give?

Florida FarmPAC has historically raised all of its funding through a voluntary $2 contribution on a member’s annual membership renewal. These contributions have allowed Florida Farm Bureau to support many pro-agriculture candidates at significant levels.

As Florida’s population continues to grow and more and more legislators reside in urban areas, it’s more important than ever, that Florida Farm Bureau have a strong impact on legislative elections. A well-funded FarmPAC helps us to elect candidates who support agriculture and will influence policy.

As a member of our PAC Roots Team you are able to help elect candidates who care about keeping Florida agriculture strong.

Give Now

Florida FarmPAC provides members the flexibility of making monthly, annual or on-time contributions to support Florida agriculture. FarmPAC accepts corporate or personal contributions.