Florida FarmPAC

Florida FarmPAC is Florida Farm Bureau Federation’s political action committee. Funded exclusively by Farm Bureau members, FarmPAC provides support for pro-agriculture candidates who value Florida Agriculture and will support Farm Bureau’s legislative agenda. Each FarmPAC contribution is approved by the Florida Farm Bureau Board.

We know that while our members are working hard every day on their farms, it is critical for Florida Farm Bureau to have a strong voice and help hold your elected officials accountable in Tallahassee. FarmPAC is the roots of what helps to make our political activism grow. As the fundraising arm of our grassroots mission, FarmPAC aides in keeping legislators in office who support Farm Bureau priorities.

Why should you give?

Until now, Florida FarmPAC has raised all of its funding through a voluntary $2 contribution on a member’s annual membership renewal. This has provided consistent funding throughout the years, and has allowed us to support many pro-agriculture candidates at significant levels.
But as Florida’s population continues to grow and more and more legislators come from urban areas, it’s more important than ever that Farm Bureau have a strong impact on legislative elections. With a well-funded FarmPAC, we can help elect candidates who support agriculture and help our closest legislative advocates gain influence.

That is why we are asking active Florida Farm Bureau members to help us increase the impact that FarmPAC can have by joining our PAC Roots Team!
Florida Farm Bureau’s strength has always been in its grassroots members. If a large group of grassroots members commit to making modest, sustained contributions, FarmPAC can drastically increase our ability to help pro-agriculture candidates and expand our impact on the legislative process.

How can you give?

Below you will find a form where you can sign up to make monthly, or annual or a one-time contribution to FarmPAC.
Notice that we are not asking for substantial contributions from any of our individual members. As a grassroots organization, we would prefer to fund FarmPAC with many modest contributions rather than a few large ones. You can sign up for $5 or $10 per month or make annual contributions up to $500.

FarmPAC can accept corporate or personal contributions, so please fill out the form below to become a member of our PAC Roots Team.