A Farm Bill for the New Year

December 20, 2018

On Thursday, Dec. 20, President Donald Trump signed a new Farm Bill into law. The adoption of this vital food policy was a key win for farmers and ranchers, rural communities and consumers.

Florida Farm Bureau President John Hoblick stated that he was extremely appreciative of Congress passing the 2018 Farm Bill.

“We worked alongside the Senate and House Agriculture Committee and members of Florida’s Congressional delegation to secure this important national legislation,” Hoblick noted. “With their dedicated help, we now have a bill that supports farm families as they continue production of our nation’s food supply. It also assures that a steady, abundant supply of food will be available for consumers.”

The Farm Bureau leader also pointed out that the bill will maintain both school food programs as well as access to supplemental nutrition for food-insecure families.

The nation’s food security depends on strong agricultural policy that supports food safety, production agriculture, natural resource conservation, research, renewable energy and crop insurance.

The 2018 Farm Bill will set policy for the next five years on programs, ranging from rural broadband development to expanded specialty-crops insurance.

Its benefits for Florida’s farmers, ranchers and consumers include:

  • Supports land grant universities which support agricultural productivity in rural communities
  • Provides research grants at land grant universities in areas ranging from animal health care to organic crop production to biotechnology
  • Protects our natural resources by funding conservation programs that improve soil, air and water quality
  • Protects programs to expand renewable energy
  • Protects programs that help preserve habitat for wildlife
  • Supports programs that have helped more than 1.2 million families obtain home loans, 6 million rural residents access improved broadband service, improved drinking water systems for 19.5 million Americans (USDA)
  • Provides nutritious and affordable fresh fruits and vegetables to low-income families, senior citizens and millions of school children
  • Helps beginning farmer entrepreneurs carry out their farming dream
  • Helps protect farmers and ranchers against farm losses due to natural disasters
  • Helps protect the livelihood of farmers and ranchers who suffer a poor crop yield.
  • Protects programs key in generating farm income from exports
  • Protects programs that help keep American agricultural products competitive in a world market
  • Helps farmers reach new markets and keep up with market demand
  • Supports programs connecting producers to consumers