AFBF Sets Farm Bill Priorities

June 2023

Every five years, lawmakers in Washington, D.C. review, change and vote on the farm bill. This piece of legislation is crucial to ensure our nation’s food supply remains secure. Farmers and ranchers are proud to grow and raise the safe, sustainable food, fiber and fuel we all rely on, and the farm bill gives them the tools they need to keep our farms and food supply secure in all seasons.

The farm bill impacts everyone, regardless of if you farm or not. It provides food security and nearly 46.2 million jobs for Americans, protects earth’s natural resources, and addresses nutrition programs to ensure everyone has access to healthy and affordable food.

This year, American Farm Bureau is supporting many changes to the bill to help agriculture thrive in the United States. Farmers and ranchers will look to this bill for protection of their land, livestock and livelihood over the next five years. Learn more about the farm bill and Farm Bureau’s policy priorities here.