Algae Task Force Makes Initial Recommendations

November 13, 2019

Members of a special task force have developed an initial set of recommendations to help address the problem of algal blooms.

The Blue-Green Algae Task Force, an advisory panel appointed by Gov. DeSantis, is charged with the duty of assisting the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) in formulating practical actions for water quality improvement.

Members have proposed the following recommendations without ranking their priority:

  • Increased enrollment of producers who are using agricultural Best Management Practices as well as improved farm data collection and record keeping
  • More oversight of septic systems
  • Broader inspection of storm water systems
  • Consistent communication by Florida Department of Health and DEP officials to inform the public of health threats posed by algal blooms
  • Science-based decision making by public officials, using comprehensive water quality monitoring data

The group has focused on South Florida. In the future, the task force members expect to consider water quality issues throughout the state. They will be issuing recommendations involving wastewater treatment, water reuse, biosolids, fertilizers in urban landscapes, the role of conservation lands and wetlands in maintaining water quality and the application of herbicides.

The initial recommendations are posted at