Beef Up Your Diet

December 20, 2017

Trying to get healthy in the New Year? Many Floridians are joining the Florida Beef Council to “beef up” their diet.

The  council is taking part in the 30 day Protein Challenge. For 30 days, consumers are given a guide to incorporate more protein and beef into their diet.

According to research from the Beef Checkoff, the average American consumes about two-thirds of their total daily protein intake at dinner.

The 30 Day Protein Challenge provides a step-by-step plan to get the optimal amount of daily protein divided through breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The Beef Checkoff cites that distributing your protein intake throughout the day will give you a feeling of satisfaction after snacking and can help reduce mindless eating.

In addition to satisfaction, high-quality protein, such as beef, helps build muscle and reduce body fat.

The Florida Beef Checkoff is providing additional information and resources to help with this challenge.

For more information visit the Florida Beef Checkoff.