Consumers Can Enjoy More Watermelon This Season

May 22, 2015

Early reports indicate that Florida watermelon growers will have ample volumes of the fruit this year. The harvest season is here, so look for the nutritious treat at your local grocery store.

Florida is the top watermelon production area in the nation, accounting for 27 percent of the total U.S. crop. More than 26,000 acres have been planted in the Sunshine State. Seedless varieties have become the preferred consumer choice.

Retailers recognize the fruit’s appeal as a non-fat food rich with key nutrients. Its availability here in May and June is a perfect match for summertime activities.

Maria Brous, spokeswoman for Publix Super Markets, said the firm promotes watermelons extensively through its “At Season’s Peak” program during these two months.

“The program was developed to remind our customers of the true seasonality of the fruit they love,” Brous explained. This approach emphasizes the time “when that particular fruit is at its peak ripeness for full flavor.”

For recipe ideas, see examples offered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services here.