Counties Give Back During Food Check-Out Week

February 2024

Farm Bureau volunteer members statewide celebrated Food Check-Out Week Feb. 12-16, 2024. This week is used to highlight Florida agriculture and the healthy and nutritious food that farmers and ranchers provide Florida citizens throughout the year. 

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average family of four will earn enough money to pay for their entire food supply for one year after seven weeks of working. By comparison, it takes 100 days of work to earn enough income to pay your taxes. 

The average American is now at least three-generations removed from the farm. To help better connect Americans with the sources of their food, clothing, shelter and energy, Farm Bureau volunteers hosted various interactive community events statewide.  

Events this year include donations to local food banks, educational and food displays at local libraries, food giveaways at local grocery stores and donations to local charities, like Ronald McDonald House Charities and Rescue Outreach Mission

Food Check-Out Week is just one outreach example of how county Farm Bureau volunteers engage with consumers to bring awareness to the affordable, fresh and nutritious food supply available to Floridians year-round. 

To view photos from 2024 county Farm Bureau Food Check-Out Week events, click here. To get involved in a county event or learn more, find your local Farm Bureau office here.