Farm-City Week Celebrates Food Abundance, Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Nov. 14, 2013

Gainesville, Fla. – Most consumers in the U.S. enjoy a bountiful, nutritious food supply. This abundance is made possible by the working relationships between farm families and city residents.
Farm-City Week, set this year for Nov. 22-28, celebrates those relationships and their contributions to the quality of life available for Floridians and other people across the nation.
Farmers and ranchers produce our food. Shippers, processors, retail store owners and many other non-farm residents create a network that delivers it to your dinner table. Consumers – all of us – support the economic viability of these enterprises with purchases at the grocery store.
Florida Farm Bureau members will sponsor multiple Farm-City Week events to celebrate the relationships from which we all benefit. Many activities will involve donations of food and money to local charitable agencies that provide aid for needy citizens. Sharing an abundant harvest is a Farm Bureau tradition.