Farm-City Week Highlights Partnerships

November 15, 2019

Farmers here and across the nation produce an abundance of nutritious, good tasting food for everyone to enjoy. Their partnerships with grocers, truck drivers, processors, scientists, consumers and many others all play important roles in getting food from the fields to household tables.

Farm-City Week activities highlight these relationships and also provide an opportunity for farm families to participate in community projects. In many communities farmers and ranchers make donations to food banks and other charitable organizations.

“Thanksgiving is a time to express appreciation for the bountiful harvest of food produced by our farmers and ranchers while we gather for the holiday with our families,” said Florida Farm Bureau President John L. Hoblick. “Farm-City Week is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the partnerships that help bring food abundance into our homes every day.”

Local Farm Bureau members sponsor a number of other Farm-City Week events, including farm family recognitions, educational demonstrations, vintage farm equipment displays, farm tours, luncheons, breakfast meetings and student essay and poster contests.

For details about the Farm-City Week event in your community, contact your local Farm Bureau office at