Farm-City Week Wrap-Up

December 2020

Farm-City Week is a time to give thanks for the valuable partnerships between urban and rural residents. The year, Farm-City Week was celebrated statewide November 18-25.

Farmers produce high quality food and fiber for everyone to enjoy. Their partnerships with grocers, truck drivers, processors, scientists, consumers and many others all play important roles in getting the food from the fields to household tables.

“Thanksgiving is about celebrating the harvest of fresh food that we enjoy with our families,” said Florida Farm Bureau President John Hoblick. “Farm-City Week also gives us the opportunity to be thankful for the partnerships between farming and urban communities. These partnerships make it possible for us to enjoy a nutritious and bountiful food supply.”

Local Farm Bureau members sponsored multiple Farm-City Week events, both in-person and virtually, preceding the Thanksgiving holiday to celebrate the relationships that provide food abundance and strengthen the nation’s economy. Events included food drives, preparing gift baskets, outdoor harvest festivals, virtual Ag Forums and elementary essay contests.

Farm-City Week activities also highlight various food collection activities by farmers and ranchers on behalf of food banks and other charitable organizations in local communities throughout Florida. For a sampling of photos from this year’s events, visit our Flickr album.