Florida Farm Bureau Joins Leading Coalition on Climate Policy

April 2021

Building upon a legacy of environmental leadership, Florida Farm Bureau Federation recently became a member of the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance (FACA), a leading coalition of American agriculture and environmental organizations to offer viable climate policy solutions at the federal level.

Florida Farm Bureau will be a partner in seeking and developing climate solutions centered on FACA’s three founding principles: 1) support voluntary, market and incentive-based policies; 2) advance science-based outcomes; and 3) promote resilience and help rural economies better adapt to climate change. FACA has already developed over 40 policy recommendations spanning soil health, livestock and dairy, forests and wood products, energy, research and food loss and waste.

“The diligent and innovative work of this coalition places the strong conservation record of our farmers and ranchers in the spotlight,” stated Florida Farm Bureau President John L. Hoblick. “Farmers are the ultimate stewards of our natural resources. As Congress openly considers the future of climate legislation, we will work to ensure our farmers and ranchers are appropriately recognized as the environmental trail blazers that they dutifully are.”

In February 2020, the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance was formed with American Farm Bureau and The Nature Conservancy among its founding members. At the time of this release, over 70 organizations comprise FACA.

Florida Farm Bureau’s own history with advancing environmental stewardship runs deep. Since 2001, Florida Farm Bureau has been an active participant in the Suwannee River Partnership, which helped create Florida Farm Bureau’s CARES program, recognizing farmers and ranchers around the state for their exemplary efforts in protecting our natural resources.

In addition, Florida Farm Bureau partners with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services to annually present the Agricultural Environmental Leadership Award to recognize farmers for their outstanding conservation practices.