Florida Farm Bureau President Expresses Appreciation for Congressional Action on Disaster Recovery

June 4, 2019

Florida Farm Bureau President John L. Hoblick said he appreciated the work by Congress to approve the new aid package for farm families struggling to recover from weather-related disasters in the past year.

“Farmers and ranchers in areas of Florida and elsewhere in our nation are working hard to restore production of food and fiber after surviving massive destruction from hurricanes and other severe weather,” Hoblick said. “Recovery for many these farm families will be impossible without outside help.

“The Florida Panhandle is still in economic shock because of Hurricane Michael,” Hoblick added. “In some locations the entire agricultural infrastructure must be rebuilt.”

“We thank members of Florida’s Congressional delegation for their diligent efforts at shepherding the legislation through to adoption. Without it, a large number of farm families will lose their livelihoods.”

Hoblick also noted that Florida Farm Bureau members had a major hand in securing passage of the farm assistance. “Our grassroots volunteers have made their voices heard in the halls of Congress and elsewhere in Washington,” he said. “They have conveyed the extent of the storm damage they have suffered and the burdens they face to recover.”