Florida’s Young Farmers & Ranchers Nationally Awarded for Benevolence

March 2021

Florida Farm Bureau’s Young Farmers & Ranchers were nationally recognized and awarded over the weekend for their benevolence in 2020, as part of the American Farm Bureau Federation’s FUSION Conference. These awards are part of the Harvest for All campaign, where young farmers and ranchers across the nation provide food to those who need it.

The awards were broken up into four categories: Food (most pounds of food donated,) Friends (highest number of volunteers,) Funds (most money raised) and Innovation. Our Young Farmers & Ranchers were awarded first place in the Food category as a result of their donations exceeding 43 million pounds of food in partnership with the Feeding Florida network of food banks statewide.

Florida Young Farmers & Ranchers were also awarded first place in the Funds category by raising more than $3,000 for local food banks, which was partially attributed to our Florida FUSION Conference held virtually in August of 2020.

In the Friends category, the Young Farmers & Ranchers came in second place. More than 200 members volunteered a total of nearly 1,800 hours. They also participated in a Virtual Fun Run as part of the Florida FUSION Conference last year.

For more information on the Harvest for All campaign and how our young farmers and ranchers can be involved, visit Harvest for All (fb.org).