Food Check-Out Week Celebrates Farmers

February 2023

Nassau County Farm Bureau members purchased food to donate to a local women’s shelter.

Farm Bureau volunteers statewide celebrated Food Check-Out Week, Feb. 13-17. The celebrations spotlighted the healthy, nutritious food supply that farmers and ranchers provide throughout the year.

Based upon the most recent studies, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that the “farmer’s share” of the food marketing bill at the grocery store or restaurant is 7.4 cents.

As consumers look for the best nutritional value of their dollar, Florida farmers and ranchers continue to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. Food Check-Out Week provides county Farm Bureaus an opportunity to connect to consumers and celebrate the productivity of Florida farm families.

Sample events included proclamation signings with local government officials, educational displays at local grocery stores and libraries, food giveaways, collections for food banks, food drives and donations to local charities, such as Ronald McDonald House.

Food Check-Out Week is just one outreach example of how county Farm Bureau volunteers engage with consumers to bring awareness to the affordable, fresh and nutritious food supply available to Floridians year-round.

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