May is Beef Month

May 24, 2019

grilled beef fillet steak meat on dark wooden tableMay is beef month. Since Florida has been a beef cattle producing area for nearly five centuries, residents have a reason to celebrate.

Florida ranches provide enumerable benefits to the state and its economy, including jobs and more than $900 million in revenue and their products provide a nutritious (and delicious) product for Florida’s residents to consume.

According to the University of Florida Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida cattle produce more than 231 million pounds of beef annually.

Beef can be an easy addition to a healthy diet for all ages. Incorporating this complete protein into your diet can help build muscle and reduce body fat. Beef provides more than 10 essential nutrients, including zinc, iron, protein and various B vitamins. Beef is also beneficial for a heart-healthy diet. According to the Beef Checkoff, the same kind of “good fats” found in olive oil are also in lean beef.