More than $1 Billion in Damages to Agriculture from Hurricane Ian

February 2023

According to the most recent report from the University of Florida-Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, Florida agriculture sustained $1.03 billion in damages from Hurricane Ian, with citrus, vegetable and horticultural growers taking the biggest hit.

The report states $247 million in citrus damages, $130.2 million in row crops, $204.6 million in vegetables and melons, $137.7 million in non-citrus fruits and tree nuts and $119.8 million in livestock and animal products.

The pending report provides a more accurate number of losses after researchers were able to speak to more of the growers impacted. An initial report released in October of 2022 projected losses between $787 million to $1.56 billion.

Sixty-two percent of the agricultural land used for grazing was also affected by the hurricane.

Many growers won’t know the full impact of the hurricane until harvest time. The updated estimate factors in the impacts of the recent winter crop freezes as well.