Safe Practices for Grilling Food

May 31, 2019

More than half of all residents in this country say they cook outdoors year-round. Follow these simple guidelines from the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service for grilling food safely.

Be sure there are plenty of clean utensils and platters.

If you are grilling and eating away from home, use a source of clean water. If not, bring water for preparation and cleaning or pack clean cloths and moist towelettes for cleaning surfaces and hands.

  • To prevent foodborne illness, do not use the same platter, cutting board or utensils for raw and cooked foods.
  • Cook food to a safe minimum internal temperature to destroy harmful bacteria. Use a food thermometer to ensure the food has reached a safe minimum internal temperature.
  • Keep meat and poultry refrigerated until ready to use. Only take out what will immediately be placed on the grill.
  • Keep coolers out of the direct sunlight. Pack beverages in one cooler and perishables in a separate cooler.
  • After cooking meat and poultry, keep it hot until served – at 140°F (60°C) or warmer.

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