Santa Rosa County Farmer is Florida Farm Bureau’s Volunteer Communicator of the Year

October 2020

Ryan Jenkins, a Santa Rosa County farmer and a tireless advocate on behalf of Florida agriculture, has been named Florida Farm Bureau’s 2020 Volunteer Communicator of the Year.

This prestigious award recognizes a Farm Bureau volunteer who has made exceptional efforts to communicate the many ways agricultural production benefits all Floridians. Jenkins will be recognized during the Florida Farm Bureau Federation’s Virtual Annual Meeting on October 22, 2020.

Jenkins is a peanut, cotton, corn, wheat and oat farmer. He uses social media platforms to educate consumers on how and where their food and fiber comes from, the process in which it gets to them and tells the stories of the real American farmers who produce it.

He started a YouTube channel in 2019 that features videos of his farm’s production geared directly to the consumer. Since creating his channel, Jenkins has published more than 20 videos on peanut, cotton and oat harvest and production.

Jenkins was one of two producers to be chosen by Progressive Farmer magazine to be featured in its “View from the Cab” spotlight. He is the first peanut farmer to be selected.

Jenkins is a strong and passionate voice for Florida agriculture and an outstanding representative of Florida Farm Bureau in his community.