Serving Fruits and Vegetables on a Budget

March 7, 2016

IMG_8188In new report the USDA’s Economic Research Service finds that a family of four can provide household members with an adequate dietary requirement of fruits and vegetables on a modest budget.

Agency researchers conclude that federal fruit and vegetable recommendations for the diet can be satisfied for a cost of $2.60 or less each day.

“Most Americans do not consume enough fruits and vegetables to meet recommendations

in the 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans,” according to the report. “One reason may be that some consumers perceive these foods to be expensive.”

The report is based upon the average prices of 156 commonly consumed fresh and processed fruits and vegetables. To fulfill the dietary requirements, family members must allocate a much larger share of the household food budget to fruits and vegetables and a smaller share for foods high in solid fats, added sugars and sodium.


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