Summer Agriculture Fun

June 20, 2018

Vegetables at Farmers Market
Photo from the Jacksonville Farmer’s Market

Summer fun can be found throughout the state of Florida on farming operations, educational platforms and in local communities.

Farms across the state of Florida offer visitors the experience of hand-picking their own fresh fruits, vegetables and even flowers through U-Pick operations. By allowing visitors to glean the fields, crops leftover from the initial harvest do not go to waste. The public is able to see exactly where their food is coming from and often have the opportunity to meet the farmers who produced the food.

The Florida Agricultural Museum offers an opportunity to learn about Florida’s agricultural past and challenges. The museum is a way for the public to connect with the past, present and future of Florida agriculture through farm animals, horseback riding lessons, educational displays, festivals and so much more.

Farmer’s markets are another option to learn about agriculture. The markets often offer entertainment, fresh food and growers who can talk with customers. Local farmer’s markets are set up throughout the state. Some farmer’s markets even have music venues and restaurants attached to them.

Photo From Jacksonville Farmers Market