Tips for a Safe Scalloping Season

July 2021

Boaters all across Florida are heading to the coast for scalloping season. When preparing to scallop, it is important to remember to practice boater safety by always using a diver down flag while in the water to prevent accident, injury or death.

If you enjoy scalloping and want to continue for years to come, follow simple conservation practices in order to protect scallop population. While driving your boat, watch out for seagrass beds. Seagrass is the home and protection of scallops, a propeller and anchor can cause decades of damage.

To support future scallop populations, return scallops smaller than 1 1/2 inches. It is important that each scallop has the opportunity to contribute to the scallop population. Lastly, consider only collecting what you plan to eat. Scallops are only good if eaten or frozen within 24 hours of catching and cleaning. Be mindful of the amount you will actually eat.

Scalloping can be a lot of fun for the whole family to enjoy. When you are on the water, remember to follow rules and regulations set by the FWC. You must have a current Florida recreational saltwater fishing license unless you are on a chartered trip in order to harvest scallops. Remember the limit of scallops per boat differs between counties and seasons. Always follow these rules in order to have a safe and fun scallop season!

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