Virtual Storytime

April 2020

Many Florida Farm Bureau members are helping promote at home learning options by reading an accurate ag book online. Florida Farm Bureau is encouraging its members to join in on the reading and share your storytime online.

Excellent permissible books to read include ag books from Feeding Minds Press or any Florida Ag in the Classroom books. Below are some guidelines to get started:

Reading Books Out Loud Online

Q: What Farm Bureau books may I read aloud online?

A:  You may read “Right This Very Minute” and “Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish” from Feeding Minds Press, if you have a physical copy of the books. You may also read our free printable books found here.

Q: I have a PDF of  book, may I use that?

A: No, you should only read from a physical hard copy of the book.
Best practices for reading “Right This Very Minute” and “Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish” aloud online:

1. Use the physical book.
2. State that you have permission to read the book. “We have been granted permission to read “Right this Very Minute” or “Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish” out loud from Feeding Minds Press.”
3. When possible, tag or link to Feeding Minds Press 3.

Q:  May I read aloud online other Book of the Year books from Ag Foundation?

A: No, not without permission from the publisher. TheAmerican Farm Bureau  Foundation for Agriculture and Feeding Minds Press hold copyrights only to 2 books: “Right This Very Minute” and “Chuck’s Ice Cream Wish,” and those are the only books for which we may grant permission.  All other Book of the Year titles are owned by other publishers. You may not read those books aloud online without permission from the particular book’s publisher.  For a helpful summary of the current guidance from a number of children’s publishers, please see this article by Erin Somers.

If you are looking for other free at home learning resources visit the American Farm Bureau  Foundation for Agriculture or Florida Ag in the Classroom website.

If you have any questions about reading books or sharing content online please contact Julia Recko at American Farm Bureau.