When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors

June 26, 2018

Lightning in fieldJune 24-30 is National Lightning Safety Awareness Week. Lightning is one of the top three storm-related killers in the United States.

Florida is the lightning strike capital of the United States, according to LynScan, a lightning research firm. As a result Floridians must follow safety guidelines when this natural phenomenon occurs.

According to NASA, “Most lightning casualties occur in the afternoon-two-thirds between noon and 4 p.m. Sunday has 24 percent more deaths than other days, followed by Wednesday. Lightning reports reach their peak in July.

Lightning can cause injury, property damage and even death. Understand the dangers of lightning. When you hear thunder, you are in striking distance and should seek shelter. Avoid standing beneath trees, near bodies of water or holding anything that could attract lightning.

When inside, do not touch anything that is plugged into an electrical outlet, plumbing or corded lines. If someone is struck by lightning, it is still safe to touch them. Call 911 immediately.

To learn more about lightning safety, visit The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.