YF&R Seminar Insights: Growth, Bonds and Strategic Communication  

December 2023

Written by Dallas Hull and Erin Jones 

Dallas Hull and Erin Jones, members of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation YF&R Leadership Group Class X, recently attended a game-changing seminar that shook up their professional perspectives. The event was not the usual sit-and-listen affair; it encouraged attendees to step up and actively contribute, which turned it into more than just an educational opportunity.  

The group echoed a shared commitment to Faith, Farming and Farm Bureau, making it clear that this seminar was about more than just agriculture education; it was about shaping perspectives and making a real impact.  

During the seminar, the class realized the need for each member to step out of their comfort zone for personal and professional growth. The seminar served as a catalyst that pushed the group to embrace challenges and seize opportunities. It became a shared journey of empowerment and self-discovery.  

While discussing the impact of the seminar, Hull and Jones realized how monumental their takeaways were. The new leadership team began to form unexpected bonds through their shared experience. 

“It was not just about the learning; it was about creating connections and building a community,” said Hull.  

There was a surprising camaraderie that developed among the team, emphasizing the power of shared experiences to help forge lasting connections among diverse individuals that have a common purpose.  

Jones brought a splash of color to the conversation, recounting the surprise from the True Colors Test taken on the final day.  

The group’s individual results painted a vibrant picture of diverse personalities within the team, with an unexpected abundance of outgoing traits depicted in the orange color. The results sparked conversations about how these distinct personalities could mesh and complement each other to achieve common goals.  

Additionally, the seminar provided a deeper understanding of the different Florida Farm Bureau Federation departments. The team heard from a representative from each department; Field Services, Member Benefits, Ag Policy, Public Relations and FAMA, and offered valuable insights into the multifaceted aspects of FFBF. Past YF&R Leadership Group leaders Kevin Lussier and Matt Gonzalez added depth to the seminar by sharing wisdom and encouragement based on their experiences.   

As the seminar wrapped up, the group looked ahead with anticipation to the 2024 YF&R Leadership Conference, which is set for July 12– 14 in Palm Beach, Fla. The leadership team is excited to offer a conference with opportunities to dive into the agricultural world, connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to the community in a meaningful way. 

In conclusion, the first YF&R leadership team seminar was not just a learning experience, it was a dynamic journey of active participation, personal growth and unexpected connections. Hull and Jones, inspired by their experiences, are rallying their peers to embrace the upcoming YF&R conference as a chance to enrich their knowledge, form connections and contribute to the thriving tapestry of the Florida Farm Bureau Federation.