Rooted in Resilience: Cady Smith

June 2022 FloridAgriculture eNewsletter

Cady Smith accepts the Activity Award for Putnam/St. Johns County YF&R during the 2021 Y&FR Leadership Conference.

Being the sixth generation to grow up on her family’s farm in St. Johns County, Cady Smith’s involvement in agriculture has always come as second nature to her. Smith’s Farm Bureau involvement began when she was just an infant. Her parents, Jeb and Wendy Smith, have been active Farm Bureau members for many years and have encouraged their children to be involved in the organization.

In addition to her full-time administrative role at St. Johns River State College, Smith serves as the accountant for her family’s farm. She also helps as needed on the farm, where her family grows perennial peanut hay, sod and timber and raises grass-fed beef and tilapia.

Throughout her involvement with the organization, Smith has enjoyed numerous networking opportunities and recalls some of her longest and dearest friendships are those made through Farm Bureau. She has enjoyed sharing her passion for agriculture and her family’s farming heritage through local and statewide events.

“I can’t tell you enough how excited I get to draw a new member into our realm,” said Smith. “Finding someone who loves agriculture and bringing them into Farm Bureau and showing them how useful their mind is for our cause and watching them blossom even more as a person will always bring me joy.”

One of Smith’s favorite annual events is the Putnam/St. Johns County (PSJC) Farm Bureau Sporting Clay Shoot. This event, hosted each spring by the PSJC Young Farmers & Ranchers Group, draws people of all ages together to network and learn about the benefits of being a Farm Bureau member.

“We have gained a good number of members from this event as well as created new friendships and connections in our area,” said Smith. “It is something that everyone looks forward to each year. Through sponsorships and competitors, we have a collaboration of which I am most definitely proud.”

As Smith continues to grow her network and leadership skills through the Young Farmers & Ranchers Leadership Group, she reflects on how important it is to educate her community and peers about the importance of agriculture. She believes the farming lifestyle will be quickly forgotten by those who do not understand its importance.

“Farm Bureau runs based on faith, family, and farm. These are our roots,” she said. “When we stand strong in what we believe and who we believe in, we will always come out on top. Rooted in Resilience then blooms in success.”