Social Media Posting Tips

Posting Basics

  • Good grammar is key! You are an editor now. Watch spelling and punctuations. You are posting to the world and will be called out on it.
  • Try not to use CAPS LOCK. It is obnoxious!
  • Keep content brief. One to two sentences with a link, photo or video at max.
  • Know your audience and your tone. Students/younger audiences are more casual, light and fun. Business leaders are more serious. They go to your page to get useful information.
  • Think before you post. Don’t say it if you have a doubt. Never post anything that could be misconstrued. Once something is posted, it is a viral grapevine. Make sure what you post is appropriate and is ok to be shared with millions.
  • Retweet or share other posts from organizations in your community and look for Farm Bureau posts to share.
    Pick your ideal post time according to your Page’s engagement. 6-9 a.m. / 12-3 p.m. / 4-9 p.m.
  • Have a strategy. Schedule out your posts and tie into any community or agriculture events.
  • Post photos of people to boost engagement. Photos of a Youth Speech Contest or a charitable event humanize your post.
  • Be sure to respond to any comments, positive or negative. If you are unsure of an answer contact the state office. We are here to help.
    Link to stories related to your community that are of interest to your membership.
    Share food articles/recipes. Ask members to submit favorite recipes around holiday.
  • Use and post videos when possible. Videos are an engaging and authentic way to tell your story.
  • Post regularly. Use Facebook Scheduler or tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite to help schedule posts ahead if you are short on time.
  • Have fun with it!