The Many Uses of the Mason Jar

Since its invention in 1858, the Mason jar has found itself a useful everyday item. From canning to décor to drinkware, people have found it to be very versatile.

Invented and patented over 150 years ago by John Landis Mason, the unique glass jar features a screw threaded lid. Since its inception, the Mason jar (U.S. Patent No. 22,186) has been made in hundreds of shapes and cap designs. A true Mason jar is always made of glass and should feature an airtight sealed lid.

First popularized in farming communities for canning and displaying canned goods at county fairs, Mason jars continue to be a staple in rural households nationwide. Farmhouse chic has become a popular design trend for many homes and décor includes the iconic Mason jar.

Mason jars have been found useful for more than just canning. The jar can be used as a coffee cup, sugar or salt dispenser, condiment server, candy holder, or to go cup. For more kid friendly uses it can serve as a baby bottle, snow globe, or piggy bank.

Mason jars make great gifts as well. Pre-mix recipes, cake in a jar, DIY ornaments or frames are unique ideas to incorporate the versatile jar into a gift. It is also quite handy around the house and can be used to hold Q-tips, soap, flowers, candles, buttons, and pens.

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