This Farm CARES

Since 2001, Florida Farm Bureau Federation has recognized nearly 800 farm families for their voluntary efforts to protect Florida natural resources through the County Alliance for Responsible Environmental Stewardship (CARES) Program.  Through the use of responsible stewardship practices, also known as Best Management Practices (BMPs), our CARES farmers and ranchers show a sincere commitment to protecting and preserving the land, improving water and air quality, and positively contributing to freshwater recharge areas and wildlife habitat restoration.

Recipients of a This Farm CARES designation receive a customized 30”x 40” farm sign to demonstrate to the local community of their involvement in environmental stewardship.  It is Florida Farm Bureau Federation’s goal to encourage every single farm to be active in voluntary natural resource protection and conservation in order for every Florida farm and ranch to receive a This Farm CARES designation.  By enrolling in BMPs and showing a long-term commitment to BMP implementation, farmers and ranchers may become eligible to receive a This Farm CARES designation and sign.

To learn more about the CARES Program initiative visit or contact CARES Coordinator, Cacee Hilliard.