In response to the flurry of retaliatory trade actions from several countries, the U.S. Department of Agriculture has exercised its borrowing authority to deliver a series of assistance programs to those commodities and agricultural sectors damaged by tariffs. These programs, totaling $12 billion, will provide direct, incremental payments to affected producers, purchase excess supply of certain commodities and assist in developing new export markets.

The Market Facilitation Program (MFP) will be administered through the Farm Service Agency (FSA); sign up is now available through your local FSA office. However, Florida producers have not felt the effects of trade retaliation to the extent that our Midwest brethren have faced. Limited reports have relayed effects to the dairy and citrus industries, particularly grapefruit. American Farm Bureau estimates $4.68 million in MFP payments in Florida to be disbursed.

A payment limit of $125,000 per person/legal entity will be implemented for this program. A payment will be issued on 50 percent of the producer’s total production multiplied by the MFP rate specified by commodity. Since total production is required, harvest must be completed before sign up can occur. A second payment, if warranted, will be determined by FSA.

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