Women’s Committee Handbook

Matching the Volunteer to the Job

What has this person done well?
A person will tend to volunteer for a task, which is similar to one, which he/she performed before.

What does this person like to do?
Too many times the volunteer is eagerly accepted to fill a spot to suit the organization’s immediate need, but the real needs of the volunteer are never known and the person’s real skills are never used.

What would the person like to do better?
People join volunteer efforts to develop their skills. Help them determine how their involvement will benefit them.

With whom would he/she like to work?
Often the prospective volunteer has been encouraged to enroll by someone already engaged in the work. Or perhaps the volunteer is hoping to meet new friends or get to know an influential leader.

What are the person’s aspirations?
Determine the possible objectives of the individual as you speak with the volunteer.

Does the person see the value of the task?
Ensure that the prospective volunteer sees the meaning and importance of the work.

Asking them to Serve

Successful Ways to Ask:

  • Know what the job is
  • Give a complete explanation of the job
  • Make an appointment to visit them at their home
  • Keep the appointment
  • Tell them why you are asking them
  • Tell them why the job is important
  • Tell them the time required
  • Tell them what has been done before
  • Ask them to help!

Ways that are Sure to Fail:

  • Tell them you are desperate
  • Tell them that they owe you
  • Lie a little to make the task seem more appealing
  • Make them feel guilty
Increasing Committee Effectiveness
  • Set goals
  • Build teams
  • Send them to training
  • Establish reporting mechanisms
  • Eliminate dead weight
  • Celebrate accomplishments