What can FFBF Field Staff do for You?

Women’s Committee Program

  • Your field Representative should be the Jack (or Jill) of all trades.
  • They are there as a resource to help develop your Program of Work.
  • They are there to help you brainstorm new ideas and connect you with possible resources you might need from the county, district, or state levels.
  • They are a resource in reaching out to county women’s chairs.
  • They are helpful in identifying potential new women’s chairs in counties without existing women’s programs.
  • They bring experience to the planning stage of events, initiatives, or other activities.
  • They keep your group in the loop on upcoming events at the state level.
  • They support and encourage the group’s vision, mission, and goals.
  • They remind the group of deadlines for scholarships, events, and awards.
  • They keep members motivated and engaged to make a difference as they see fit (in alignment with Farm Bureau policy).
  • “They are the pocketknife to a cowboy!”