Women’s Leadership Program County Chairman Duties

Women’s Committee Handbook

The County Women’s Chairman is the vital link between the women in the county, the District Women’s Chairman, and the State Women’s Leadership Committee. She is the spokesperson for her committee and should represent them at Farm Bureau functions. She is responsible to her county Farm Bureau board of directors and to all women in the county. It is encouraged that she be a member of the county board of directors and attend all county board meetings.

  • Encourage the active participation of all Farm Bureau women in the county organization in order to build and strengthen the local Farm Bureau.
  • Encourage the development and participate in state programs that conform to the needs in her county.
  • Attend meetings of the county Farm Bureau board where she should report and/or receive instructions from the board of directors. She then should encourage and direct the women members of the Farm Bureau to follow through on the work of the organization.
  • Encourage local attendance at the FFBF State Women’s Leadership Conference, district meetings, and annual meeting of FFBF.
  • Seek the assistance of their district women’s chairman and state program coordinator when necessary.
  • Report county women’s leadership committee activities to the district women’s leadership committee member.
  • Preside at all business meetings of the county Farm Bureau Women’s Leadership Committee.
  • Prepare an agenda for each meeting.
  • Check with people to whom responsibilities are delegated to see if assignments are being carried out.
  • Evaluate progress.
  • Give recognition.