Women’s Leadership Program State Committee Chairman Duties

Women’s Committee Handbook

  • Preside over all official FFBF Women’s Leadership Committee meetings.
  • Represent the Women’s Leadership Program on the Florida Farm Bureau State Board of Directors and report women’s activities to the board.
  • Work with Women’s Program coordinator to develop agendas for State Women’s Leadership Committee meetings.
  • Preside at Women’s Annual Business Meeting at Florida Farm Bureau’s Annual Meeting and opening session of annual State Women’s Leadership Conference.
  • Practice established parliamentary procedures in conducting all meetings.
  • Keep informed on current agricultural issues and Florida Farm Bureau Federation Policies and direct this information to committee chairmen.
  • Represent Florida Farm Bureau at meetings/conferences called by American Farm Bureau for state chairmen including the American Farm Bureau Annual Meeting.
  • Present suggested goals for the year to the committee for discussion and approval. Committee may add or delete goals on the list. She and the committee will plan projects and set goals and objectives at the beginning of each year.
  •  Keep the women informed on what the committee is doing.
  • Strive for peace and harmony within the committee. She is the “neutral” person on the committee and the “peacemaker” if there is dissention within the group.
  • As a delegate to the American Farm Bureau Women’s Session, she will pick up the women’s delegate badges and see that Florida women delegates know where to meet her to receive them. Also make sure the Florida women delegates know where the first function is.
  • She is the head of the Florida Farm Bureau Women’s Delegation and should discuss ahead of time how the delegation wants to vote. She does not have to “block vote”; however, she can agree to disagree.
  • She will give a report at the Florida Farm Bureau Annual Meeting on the activities of the women during the past year (5-10 minutes).
  • Ultimately, she represents the women of Farm Bureau. People judge what she does and says, and that reflects on all the women of Farm Bureau.