Growing Forward: Chad Flint

November 2022 FloridAgriculture eNewsletter

Chad Flint is a fourth-generation Floridian with a passion for agriculture. Flint resides in Lee County with his wife, Kirstin, and their son Tripp. In addition to running the family business of Structural Moving and Home Elevations, Flint manages their cow/calf operation in Glades County. Although it is just a part-time operation, Flint enjoys the opportunity to be involved in agriculture through his beef cattle herd.

Flint’s involvement with Florida Farm Bureau began through his cousin, an insurance agent in Lee County. At the time, he was involved with the Florida Cattlemen’s Association but was looking to be involved in an organization with likeminded people in his age bracket. His cousin introduced him to District 6 Field Representative Andy Neuhofer who encouraged Flint to become involved with the Young Farmers & Ranchers Group.

Because of his involvement in YF&R, Flint has made numerous connections across the state who share common interests and values.

“Everyone is always warm and welcoming and that is harder and harder to find in today’s world,” said Flint. “I enjoy the opportunities and exposure Farm Bureau provides whether it be from farm tours of different operations to meeting with legislators in Tallahassee. It provides you with insight on how everything works within the state.”

Flint has seen a lot of agricultural changes in his area. This has provided him with unique opportunities for agriculture to remain a part of their community. Their largest agricultural event is the Southwest Florida County Fair, an event Flint attended since he was a young child. He enjoys seeing 4-H and FFA youth show their animals and share their passion for agriculture with fair attendees. Flint assists with the livestock sales when needed.

As his community continues to change due to urban sprawl, Flint finds it important for agriculturalists to find new ways to continue growing forward.

Growing forward to me means continually innovating and looking into the future to adapt to all of the challenges we face as producers. I believe it is also important to maintain our collective values and morals and make sure that we do not lose those along the way. It is easy to lose sight of what is important in our day to day struggles but we have an obligation to preserve those things from the past and pass it down to the next generation.”